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PSLA specializes in commercial security system integration. Our highly skilled systems engineers take the time to ask the right questions and to listen to your specific needs for your organization. We design security systems to be expandable as your company grows. More importantly, we design security systems to protect from technological obsolescence and to have a smooth upgrade transition for adding new electronic security devices if this becomes needed. This is especially important today with the constant advancement of new technology.

In the past, limitations of technology led most businesses to purchase their security systems in a haphazard way. Today these businesses find they have expensive, ineffective, and cumbersome security arrangements. But that can change when you take advantage of advances offered by a new generation of technology, networks, and design software all offered by a vendor that understands the potential for improvements offered by these advances.

The PSLA engineering team takes the time to carefully consider how to best utilize the most from the existing IT infrastructure. Our security systems are designed to be extremely durable and reliable for everyday use, year after year. The design of each security system is carefully engineered to be a cost effective solution. We can design a small security system for a small company with a few employees and make this same system scalable for to a larger enterprise sized global company with thousands of employees.

The PSLA engineering team only uses proven products that have gone through rigorous pre-testing. These best in class components must meet very high standards for reliability and for longevity.

PSLA security systems include:

  • Partitioned intrusion systems for large facilities
  • Integration with video and access control systems
  • Computer servers and storage systems
  • Many options for control contacts for doors and windows
  • Many options for outdoor and indoor motion detectors for perimeter protection
  • Hold up buttons/ wireless panic buttons
  • Temperature sensors for refrigeration or heat
  • Water leak detection sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Special triggers set using software interfaces
  • Remote access
  • Tier management authorization levels

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