Bright video walls

with astonishing image quality

PSLA systems can be integrated so that intrusion, access control and video surveillance can be used in conjunction for multiple purposes. Expensive and hard to replace equipment can be tracked throughout a facility with GPS devices. Access control systems can be applied to better manage access to storage areas and supplies. PSLA security solutions are in compliance with regulatory requirements and are engineered to utilize the most from the existing IT infrastructure. These integrated systems are cost effective and scalable for medical facilities of all types and sizes. PSLA has solutions to improve security and lower operational costs by improving everyday efficiencies.

There are many practical business applications for an intercom system. Intercom systems provide an instant way to send a quick verbal message, get verbal instruction, or to ask for help. Intercom systems can be configured to remotely open front or rear entrances for visitors or deliveries. Commercial intercoms can be customized to handle the special needs of a small business office or a large commercial environment.

PSLA systems can be used indoors and outdoors. The outdoor model has weather protection stainless steel enclosures designed to withstand exposure to all types of extreme weather, precipitation, and condensation. Outdoor models include options for vandal resistant housings with tamper contacts that are tied to the alarm system.

Large selection of systems for:

  • Emergency alerts
  • Information displays
  • Video conferencing
  • Control rooms
  • Stadiums
  • Large public venues
  • Airports
  • Houses of worship
  • Digital signage

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