Systems to lower operational costs

for Property Managers to improve retention

PSLA understands the challenges that property managers are increasingly facing to improve profitability while at the same time improving convenience for tenants, increasing retention, and attracting new tenants. When future tenants are shopping for a new location, the need for safety and security is a key consideration. However, prospective customers are often looking for more features when they are comparing one office property to other properties. The challenge is to provide more conveniences and better services.

PSLA has the ideal solutions for property managers with a wide variety of products and services. These systems are “customer first” solutions that fit the need for today and are expandable as needed. PSLA systems are designed from best of breed components that are non-proprietary with open software architecture to protect from technological obsolescence. Our security solutions are in compliance with regulatory requirements and are engineered to utilize the most from the existing IT infrastructure. PSLA systems are designed to be budget friendly and cost effective solutions. These highly reliable solutions are designed to be easy to learn and manage.

PSLA systems are designed to be an integrated solution of access control, video surveillance, and intrusion alarm. There are options for partitioned systems so that each tenant has control over their own access card management. Tenants can be given a stack of unused cards and the ability to issue new cards for their own “partitioned” access system. There would no longer be a need to visit the property manager to get a new access card processed. These same systems have the ability to be managed via a mobile app for smartphone or tablet.

Versatile service and maintenance agreements also help to lower operational costs. Scheduled maintenance makes sure that the security systems are carefully inspected and maintained to be working properly. Service agreements are a practical way to make sure that there is a cost effective solution already in place for required service calls. This is an important component when it comes to ease of maintenance request by property managers or tenants. Service is available when needed, even on weekends.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy to learn and multi-site capable
  • Know that your buildings are properly being locked and unlocked
  • Set special credentials for tenants, visitors, maintenance workers and managers
  • Get instant alert messages
  • Easily access archived data and behavior analytics
  • Limit your liability with reliable access control

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